Taster Workshops

The Dare to Write? Library is a stimulating series of children’s workshops that take writers through the process of making a book from inspiration and conception to writing to production.

Led by a writer or ‘Book Pilot’, the group can choose writing dares or prompts written by other children or by professional authors such as David Almond and Katherine Woodfine.  In the course of the workshop, the group receives a taster of Dare to Write? and leaves with information about how to further explore the activities at home or school.

The Dare to Write? Library workshop can be customised to suit different age ranges and needs. The sessions can also be structured, meaning all children will complete the different stages of the workshop at the same time, or, if you would like us to feature at an event such as a festival where children may arrive or leave at any time, we can run a drop-in Dare to Write? Library.

Dare to Write? Libraries are delivered in collaboration with Storyhive. Workshops follow the Dare to Write? Ethos, which states that we believe creative writing should be test-free, inclusive, playful, and allow for freedom of expression.

To book the Dare to Write? Library to deliver a taster session to your school, venue or organisation, or more information about prices, options, and availability, please get in touch on writers@papernations.org.