Follow your interests
Follow Your Interests


A notebook crammed with ideas, sketches and words is something to be proud of. It has real value.

Now it’s time to take a break and think about what you’ve enjoyed the most.

Is there an idea from your notebook you keep thinking about? Maybe it’s time to expand one of your ideas into a story, poem or song.

Need help getting started?

Find a friend who likes to write and exchange thoughts about what you find easy or difficult or fun. Make your own writing dares and swap them with each other. Send your favourite dare to us!

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Want to try something different?

Read about the craft of writing online or in books that you may find in a store or your library.

You may also wish to further your writing journey by attending talks or signings by your favourite authors to learn about how they find their inspiration. Check out our events calendar page to find an author event near you.

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