Downloadable Goodies

Follow Your Interests

Loyalty Card

A simple way for writers to reward themselves as they progress through the prompts. Writers can tick or mark circles as they complete prompts. Remember prompts can be repeated, so the card doesn’t have to have all eight prompts completed and if a prompt is enjoyed, repeat it!

Eight Prompt Certificates

On the For Kids pages, there’s a downloadable certificate at the end of each prompt, affirming that the young writer has taken another step forward. If you are using the eight prompts in your school or organisation, they can be personalised. Just email if you would like a set of these certificates with your school / organisation’s logos.

Downloadable Posters of our Advice From Authors

On our Advice From Authors page, published children’s authors have written responses to our eight prompts to inspire young writers to continue on their journeys. You can display the posters in your home, school, or organisation.


Celebration Template (For writing workshops in or outside of schools)

Use this template to celebrate your workshop group taking the next step on their writing journey. Whether they have just started writing or completed their first project, this template allows you to celebrate their achievement privately or publicly.

Celebration Template (Individuals completing the prompts)

As above, but for individual young writers completing the prompts alone. This resource is to celebrate the achievements of home-schooled children, children who prefer to celebrate their achievements alone, or children who are completing the prompts outside of a group setting.

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Gifts and Resources from StoryHive

Professor Bambo Soyinka and collaborators created the Dare to Write? Platform and SourceBook as points of inspiration for Writers.

Individuals and organisations can use the resources to embark on a journey into the art of creative writing.

Dare to Write? ResourcesThe Dare to Write? Platform is powered by StoryHive, a publishing and multimedia production house that publishes and distributes a range of resources including:

  • Pens or pencils to generate story ideas.
  • Notebooks to house young writers’ incredible words.
  • Personalised stickers, badges, and stamps.
  • Tote bags to carry it all in!
  • Training packs for parents, teachers and educators.
  • Workshop plans and outlines for the Dare to Write? Library – a fun taster introduction to the eight prompts where a Book Pilot inspires children to create their own stories, poems, and illustrations.
  • Portable kits for facilitators running Dare to Write? Libraries, including Dare Books, a bag to carry your Dare Books, certificates and equipment.

If you’d like to make a contribution towards the platform or towards other resources or materials then head to our Donation page.

If you want to commission or request resources then please get in touch with StoryHive at

Dare to Write? notepad
Dare to Write? outline