The Great Margin

A series of stories about places and people living in
and between the margins of our writing world.

Writers at Home and in Isolation

Writers in isolation discuss the impact isolation has had on their writing, their ability to write, and their sense of community. Stories also cover coping with and/or appreciating families and cohabitees (including pets) and their writing spaces at home.


Stories, Books, and Words

Stories about what people are writing, reading, listening to, and the events they are attending.

Distraction Corner

For all of you wishing to escape reality, here you’ll find stories in any form (poetry, short stories, flash, hybrid forms, etc.) to provide inspiration, laughter, empathy, and distraction.


Writers and Readers in Conversation

Throughout the Great Margin period, Bambo Soyinka and Joanna Nissel will be interviewing writers and readers, and co-writing conversational pieces about being a reader and/or writer in a time of global pandemic.

Stories About Change

We are living through a moment of great change. In this theme we’re looking for stories in any form (poetry, short stories, flash, hybrid, etc.) that respond to this moment of change and crisis and may address issues like family life, community, unity or isolation.


Writers Helping Writers

This is our space to showcase new and innovative programs, workshops, initiatives, and more that writers are running across the country. Head to this section to hear from these change-makers.