Write a Reponse

Are you a writer or educator who believes in our ethos of fun, exploratory writing, free from assessment? Then you might be the perfect person to write a response to our eight prompts.

What Do You Mean By Response?

A response to an prompt is a page-long piece of writing which aims to inspire young and emerging writers to complete that prompt or to give them some specific advice that will help them if they are stuck for ideas.

If you’d like to write something shorter, head to our write a dare page.

Previous Responses from Award Winning Children’s Authors

David Almond - Get a Notebook
In his response, David inspires children to embrace a messy writing process and keep a treasure trove of thoughts, feelings, and ideas in their notebook.

Janine Amos - Keep Writing & Explore Worlds
Janine’s responses are filled with great tips for getting ideas and bringing the real world into your stories, plays, and poems.

Stella Tarakson - Just Write
Stella emphasises the importance of just having fun with writing and letting the words flow. The editing comes later!

Who is Eligible to Write a Response?

Writers and writing educators who:

  • Believe in the Dare to Write? Ethos.
  • Have been writing for at least 5 years.
  • Want to inspire emerging and young writers.
  • Have had at least 20 short pieces (i.e. a poem or short prose piece) of writing published or at least 1 long-form piece of writing published.

How Do I Sign Up to Write a Response

Read through our eight prompts and ethos to get a sense of what Dare to Write? stands for. Then check which prompts still require a response, and select the prompt that speaks to you. Consider what elements your response would focus on and then pitch it using our Get in Touch page or at writers@papernations.org. Please include a little information about yourself.

Why Are You Looking for Responses?

Hundreds of writers, educators, parents and young people have informed the eight prompts that lie at the core of Dare to Write?.

However, there is always more wisdom to be found. That’s why we’re asking new writers and educators to provide new insights, inspiration, and advice that will help young and emerging writers continue their writing journey.

Which Prompts Can I Respond To?

  • Transform Writing
  • Celebrate
  • Follow Your Interests
  • Discover Writing
discover writing
transform writing
follow your interests