just write
Just Write

Create your own worlds. When you write you can:

  • Time travel
  • Meet pirates, talking tigers or mad kings
  • Explore your dreams or your deepest fears
  • Change the world
  • Most importantly, you can have fun!

Your notebook is a repository for your ideas and limitless imagination.

Need help getting started?

Take a deep breath,
Clear your mind,
Let your ideas flow.

Nobody ever needs to read your notebook.
It is your own private universe.
You can’t get it wrong.
Just write.

top tiptop tip
Want to try something different?

Instead of trying to write a story or a poem or a comic, try instead to:

  • Describe your foot.
  • Create the most evil villain you can imagine then give her the name of someone you know.
  • Describe your dream bedroom.
  • Invent a new animal that speaks. What does it say?
  • Describe what you want to eat for lunch.

The important thing is to practice writing, any writing. Nothing is too mundane or bizarre.

Whatever creeps into your head, write it down and see where it takes you.

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