The Dare To Write? Academy is a space for creative writing developers to access research, training resources and support.
Dare to Write
The Dare to Write? Academy is a life-long coaching service for people with a personal or professional interest in writing. It aims to help participants to develop habits for writing that last a lifetime. Both the content and design of the Dare to Write? Academy are based on research emerging from Paper Nations, as well as on the expertise of guest writers.
Person Writing
Who is the Academy for?
The Academy’s resources, programmes, workshops, and events are designed for a range of different writers, educators, researchers and communities, both inside and outside of a school or university context. To better illustrate the wealth of writers working in different contexts, this autumn we will add further information about these different roles to our site.
Read the Programme
We’ve got a fantastic programme of Summer Courses available, including events, workshops and courses available from June 2020. There is something for everyone: from the experienced writer looking to finish a manuscript, to the curious new writer, wanting to ask questions. Read more about the courses on our programme overview.
The Writer’s Cycle
All of our workshops, and events are based on The Writer’s Cycle, an important resource for writing educators developed by the Paper Nations team in consultation with writers and organisations across the country. More information about the Writer’s Cycle is available on the Paper Nations website.