Discover writing
Discover writing

Writing and reading go hand in hand.

What do you like to read?

  • Anime or graphic novels?
  • Wilderness adventures with wolves?
  • Myths and legends?
  • Lyrics of your favourite songs?
  • Books about football?

Again, No Rules!

It doesn’t matter what you read, Just Read.

There are:

  • 130 million published books
  • 97 million recorded songs
  • 50 types of poetry

Every author, lyricist or poet that has published their work has something to teach you.

Need help getting started?

Places to find stuff to read:

  • Your school library
  • Song lyrics on the internet
  • A bookstore
  • Your brother or sister’s room
  • The public library in your town
  • Trade with a friend
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Want to try something different?

Reading and writing can flow into each other.

We asked our favourite authors to give some ideas. Pick a dare from the Dare Generator, or book a Dare to Write? Library workshop.

Let your favourite authors inspire you to write! Ask your parents or your school to take you to see an author talk, or see if you can find an author on the radio. To find out about super fun library and author events, check out the Dare to Write? Events page for Kids and Families.

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