Transform writing
Transform writing

When you’ve written something that is finished you have two choices:

  • Share your work with family or friends or put it out in the world.
  • Put it away and delight in the pride of having completed a piece of writing.

The choice is yours!

The important thing is that you’ve written something for yourself.

Need help getting started?

Share your experience of writing with family or friends:

  • What does writing feel like?
  • What ideas are you exploring?
  • What genres do you like to read or write?

Sharing your practice is one way of sharing your writing journey.

Have a look on the Dare to Write? Map pages, ask at school or check with your local library to see if there is a writing group or event near you.

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Want to try something different?

Some ideas for sharing and shaping your work with others:

  • Get your school to start a writing group. Speak to your teacher or Head of English.
  • See if your local bookshop or library would be interested in helping you run a new group.
  • Join a reading group or a group relating to a hobby that you want to write about.
  • Start a blog and post poems or short stories.
  • Enter one of the many reputable writing competitions.
  • Find a writing buddy with whom to trade writing and provide each other with feedback.
  • Have a go at re-writing your piece in another genre or medium: turn a story into a poem or comic book into a film script.
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