The Year of the Writer

admndaretwrtWriters at Home and in Isolation

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The Year of the Writer     This year, against all expectation, was my greatest adventure.  I set sail for a desert island, where  Stockholm syndrome sex ensued with a pirate chief,  watched shadows canter through summer trees  as I said goodbye to a beloved riverside cottage,  ran for a grumpy train, drunk to my eyeballs  through snow-packed Moscow streets,  opened a door, a butterfly wing, a suitcase  packed with memories, a car door, a letter.  All the while, you thought I smiled and slurped  good local wine as I chatted mutely on Zoom.


A poet, former lawyer, breast cancer survivor, reader and anti-plastic blogger. A Londoner living in Germany. Published in Irisi, Covid Narratives, FEED and Unlimited. Coming soon in Beyond Words and Near Window. A Lord Whisky Competition shortlisted poet. Lucy is a regular Write Clubber with Alison Powell in Bristol.

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