Haikus on Covid 19 in the UK

admndaretwrtWriters at Home and in Isolation

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1. Hands parch’d from washing.
Touching elbows the new hug.
Christmas style food shop.

2. Resolute attempts
To change the topic flounder
Uncertainty thrives.

3. A cough provokes glares,
Suspicion, paranoia.
Ill-health magnified.

4. Isolation rule
Those already lonely droop
Anxieties spike.

5. Neighbours’ compassion:
Helpful interest, care, support.
Precious spirit felt.



Subitha is a Sri Lankan woman, living joyfully in Bristol since 1999. Subitha has also lived in Saudi Arabia with her family. Her memoir of this experience, The Colours of Sand, was published in 2012. Motherhood, her Buddhist faith, race and gender equality activism all influence her poetry.

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