Dare to Write? Hosts

What is a Host?

Hosts are groups (such as festivals, schools, visitor attractions, cultural centres and media platforms) who work with experts to host, deliver, or promote Dare to Write? inspired events and concepts.

How Do I Benefit?

  • Help children express themselves without the pressure of assessment.
  • Make creative writing more accessible to those from less privileged backgrounds.
  • Build personal, face-to-face relationships with your local community.
  • Offer a fun, creative workshop as part of the programme within your festival, school or venue.

Past Hosts

In Summer 2018, we toured the South West with our Dare to Write? Library Mini Series, delivering a series of writing workshops that extended the invitation to write to all children.

A network of hosts made this possible: Bath and NE Somerset Libraries, Cornwall Libraries, Gloucestershire Libraries, Libraries Unlimited, and Plymouth Libraries.


How to Become a Host

Just email us at writers@papernations.org. We will be in touch with more details. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

If you have a specific idea to pitch to us, head to the Pioneer page.