Dare to Write? Destinations

What is a Destination?

A Destination is a town or city where a cluster of Dare to Write? Affiliates work together to improve creative writing for children.

The Affiliates will run a series of creative writing events, campaigns or projects over an extended timeframe, improving children’s creative writing in their area.

How Do I Benefit?

  • Improve creativity and wellbeing for young people in your local area.
  • Build great relationships with your local community.
  • Beacon for investment.
  • Bringing visitors to the area to experience a diversity of writing experiences.

Past Destinations

Our first Dare to Write? Destination is the stunning Wiltshire Village, Corsham. Led by Corsham Town Council, Corsham’s programme of writing events culminates in a weekend-long festival, StoryTown. See fantastic authors such as Hollie McNish, Sharon Tregenza, Chris Vick, and Laura James. Workshops available for the whole family on everything from illustration to slams, poetry to stories, and everything in between.

StoryTown Corsham
Corsham (photo by William Buist, CC BY-SA 2.0 license)

Co-produced by Paper Nations with support from Arts Council England and Bath Spa University. Thanks to the Corsham team: Pound Arts, Wiltshire Council, The Corsham Bookshop, Make Believe Arts, Peahen Publishing, The John Parker Gallery, and Camomile Cafe.

“Corsham Town Council’s Strategic Plan has long included requirement for a literary event, but we were determined to make it more than a gathering of authors reading their latest works. Having many resident professional writers and the creative writing courses at the Bath Spa campus in Corsham Court gave us the opportunity to do something truly creative and community centred. We called it Corsham StoryTown.

StoryTown could not be a one-off, or even a once-a-year event. It had to become a brand for the town that would inspire the entire community and attract visitors. The creative, organizational and financial support of Bath Spa, Paper Nations and Dare To Write has made that possible, and the input of the Pound Arts Centre, Springfield Library, Corsham Institute, all the schools, the Town Hall, local retailers, Red Forge Studios and interest groups has imbued it with true community spirit.

To have created over 30 events over one week, involving everyone from toddlers to our eldest residents has been a real achievement, but Corsham aims high and we have even greater plans for the future.”

Neville Farmer, Town Councillor

How to Become a Destination

Just email us at writers@papernations.org. We will be in touch with more details about our course and fees.

Areas with multiple Affiliates working together are eligible to become Destinations.