Dare to Write? Academies

What is an Academy?

An academy is a larger educational or academic institution such as a university or college.

Academies are the support system for all Dare to Write? Affiliates. Educators provide training to other Affiliates and support Dare to Write? workshops nearby. In some cases, academies provide space, in the form of offices and workspaces for Dare to Write? staff.

How Do I Benefit?

  • Become part of the central team changing the way creative writing is taught to children.
  • Expand your research department with an active team making real-world change.

Past Academies

From our beautiful campuses at Corsham Court and Newton Park, Bath Spa University has been the home of Dare to Write? We have assisted with the running of many children’s workshops, training sessions, and have provided support to all Dare to Write? staff.

Bath Spa University
Bath Spa University
Bath Spa University

How to Become an Academy

Just email us at writers@papernations.org. We will be in touch with more details about our course and fees.

If you are an individual looking to lend Dare to Write? your expertise, head to our Experts page.