Shape your writing
Shape your writing

Like clay in the hands of a sculptor, raw ideas can take shape and become unforgettable stories.

  • First, let your imagination run wild.
  • Next, develop your ideas, your characters, your plot.
  • Discover your unique voice.

You may decide you want help to shape your writing further. What do you do next?

Need help getting started?

Ways to further develop your writing:

  • Find a friend who also writes and swap stories and give feedback.
  • Ask a teacher, parent, family friend or librarian to read your work.
  • Find a community or school writing program to join.
  • Read about the craft of writing online or in books that you may find in a store or your library.
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Want to try something different?

You may also wish to further your writing journey by attending talks or signings by your favourite authors to learn about how they find their inspiration. Check out our Writing Events page to find an author event near you.

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