Read for pleasure
Read for pleasure

Most writers love to read!

What do you like to read?

  • Anime or graphic novels?
  • Wilderness adventure with wolves?
  • Myths and legends?
  • Lyrics of your favourite songs?
  • Books about football?

Again, No Rules!

It doesn’t matter what you read, Just Read.

There are:

  • 130 million published books
  • 97 million recorded songs
  • 50 types of poetry

Every author, lyricist or poet that has published their work has something to teach you.

Need help getting started?

Places to find stuff to read:

  • Your school library
  • Song lyrics on the internet
  • A bookstore
  • Your brother or sister’s room
  • The public library in your town
  • Trade with a friend
top tip top tip

Want to try something different?

The fun thing about reading is you can do it anywhere at anytime! Don’t leave home without a favourite book, comic or magazine.

To find out about super fun library and author events, check out the Dare to Write? Events page.

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