Keep writing
Keep writing

Fill that notebook!

A notebook crammed with ideas, sketches and words is something to be proud of. It has real value.

Is there an idea from your notebook you keep thinking about? Maybe it’s time to expand one of your ideas into a story, poem or song.

Need help getting started?

First, try and write a little bit most days.
Even if only 10 minutes.
The more you write, the easier the words will flow.

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Want to try something different?

J.K. Rowling had the idea for Harry Potter while sitting on a delayed train, and wrote most of it on scraps of paper in a cafe. Do you ride a bus to school? Do you have an hour after lunch when you can visit the library? Can you give up your evening TV or internet and find time to write? If you carry your notebook with you all the time, you’re sure to find time in your day to let your ideas flow.

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