Explore worlds
Explore worlds

Carry your notebook (or iPad, smartphone or voice recorder) with you everywhere.

  • Observe
  • Listen
  • Describe
  • Record
  • Write!

Use your notebook like a magical looking glass that lets you explore, shape and create your world.

No need to travel far. Explore the world of your home, your school, your town or your park.

Notice how people behave and speak and then invent your own characters. Do they sound real?

Observe sunlight through tree branches or the shadows of a building on the street. Can you describe what you see?

Need help getting started?

Keep a look out for our new Dare to Write? Prompts page that we will be launching soon.

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Want to try something different?

When you read or listen, think:

  • Do I like this?
  • Why do I like this?
  • What does this make me feel?
  • How did it do that?

Try writing a story, poem or song in the style of one of your favourites.

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