Read for Pleasure

Besides using a notebook, reading for pleasure is essential for a writer.

Reading for pleasure can include: song lyrics, poetry, short stories, non-fiction, illustrated fiction, anime, mythology or novels.

What’s important is the pleasure found in reading for oneself. Whatever grabs a reader’s interest should be supported. If you’re looking for new inspiration try a visit to the school library, an internet search for song lyrics, a trip to the local library, charity shop or bookstore.

There are nearly 130 million published books, around 97 million recorded songs and over 50 types of poetry in the world. Each author, lyricist or poet that has published their work has something to say, whether they write comics, video games, books, songs or poetry.

Engage the writer in conversation about what they read. Try asking: Does the writing make you feel something? Did you imagine a place or become aware of an experience you’ve never had before? How did the writing do that? What did you love and what did you not like? What would you change?

In addition, the BookTrust website is full of book lists and recommendations. They even have a Bookfinder that suggests books according to the child’s age and and their interests. You can find it here.