Keep Writing

Help the writer honour their writing practice by guiding them in ways to strengthen their commitment. A sustained writing practice, be it daily or weekly, is important. Equally important is finding a place to write, somewhere familiar that is visited often. This may be a bedroom or other room in the home; it may equally be on the bus, in the school library or in a cafe.

Encourage the writer to identify a time in their day they can give to writing. Wake half an hour early and write in bed? An hour in the evening in lieu of screen time? On the bus ride to school? Or any time of day when inspiration strikes them? Not every writer has the privilege of a dedicated writing desk or daily hour of free time. But that’s ok; J.K. Rowling had the idea for Harry Potter while sitting on a delayed train, and wrote most of it on scraps of paper in a cafe. What’s important is creating a ritual that can be sustained.