Dare to Write?

Created by Professor Bambo Soyinka of Bath Spa University, and in collaboration with hundreds of authors and educators, Dare to Write? is an interactive sourcebook, like a seedbed of ideas, prompts and tips from which experience and passion for creative writing can grow. At the core of Dare to Write? are eight activities to help children and young people start, and continue, writing for fun. As the parent, guardian, teacher or friend of a young person whom you’d like to support in initiating and sustaining a passion for creative writing, this section is an introduction and list of activities to help engage the writer.

The eight activities are supported by the daretowrite.org platform, which offers inspiration to begin an exploration of writing, and taps into like-minded communities of support. It’s here to help aspiring writers along the way, but the journey is their own.

On daretowrite.org you will find:

  • Eight engaging activities to aid your students in their writing journey. The activities can be completed in any order, at the writer’s own pace, and you can do the same activity more than once.
  • Guides for adults helping young writers complete the eight activities.
  • Literary events listings for children and young people across the UK, with a focus on the South West of England.
  • Certificates to download and print. The young writer can decide how and when they want to use these. These certificates are informal rewards to help children to mark their own journey in their own way.
  • Further information about who created Dare to Write? and how you can get involved.

On Sunday 21st October, at the StoryTown festival in Corsham, we’ll be releasing the following additional resources:

  • An interactive map to help parents and young people to find literary locations and venues across the South West.
  • Ways for you and your pupils to be more involved in the writing communities across the region.
  • A one page summary of the 8 Activities.
  • A loyalty card for young people to track their experience.

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