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No Man

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No Man I am an island without water that a tidal wave destroyed no friendly ebb and flow Saharan desert, hot sun in isolation on imagined ghosts, forever walking I am salted sweat evaporating only noticed in its itch hot, hard crack camel heel bootless legionnaire traversing sink sand dunes weary from heavy survivor pack I am rested in lush [read more…]


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Temper You say I’ve got a temper That I’m always seeing anger That I need to be calmer And that makes me angrier Coz’ your words light fires That spiral higher In my head-case tower That spits louder Words to counter And make you cower. Limbs stretch and flex to combat Because caged in this thin plastic failing Are scorched [read more…]

An Evening at the Masked Ball

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Getting ready. Blue satin strapless mermaid dress, shoulder-grazing chandelier earrings. Lace-adorned plunging open back, frilled with intricate ruffles flattering my body. Silver choker, pedicured toes peeking, tall stilettos. Elbow-length velvet gloves. Sexy luxury. My consort: elegant black tuxedo, bowtie, crisp white shirt, formal waistcoat, silver cufflinks with our initials, shoe-laced shiny black Oxfords. To set it all off, this season’s [read more…]

A Kelpie’s Breath

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Ada took a deep breath and blew her wish out to sea. Her mother had once told her that the sea could grant a wish – though it would come with a sacrifice. That part had always scared her, but now was a time of dire need. Whatever sacrifice she must make, she was ready – for the sake of [read more…]

Home trees

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Home Trees The quince that had to be propped up and was so thankful for the attention that its prop started to sprout. The cherry that blossoms always just for my late winter early spring birthday. The willow surrounded by concrete mum told me was her favourite in the whole city. Remembered the happiness it reflected when my brother was [read more…]

Trevose Head Lighthouse

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Trevose Head Lighthouse When the storm blackened our windows we buried ourselves in- to cotton and each other and began to build the weather in a jigsaw. First were the corners to set our boundary, then, to find spring in one thousand pieces. The Lighthouse took shape from gappy fog in the window on the floor. We stuffed rock pools [read more…]