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The Dare to Write? logos may be used on an approved project, individual, or organisation. This is to signify that their work supports the Dare to Write? Ethos, or that they are delivering an aspect of Dare to Write? in partnership with its parent organisation, creative writing incubator, Paper Nations.

There are four logos available:

Dare to Write?
Dare to Write? Library
Dare to Write? Atlas
Dare to Write? Academy

The logo a project, individual, or organisation receives will correspond to the type of work that they are conducting. For example, work tackling young people’s writing workshops would receive the Dare to Write? Library logo; a project for advanced writers’ development would feature the Dare to Write? Academy logo.

Following your request for a logo, Paper Nations will be in contact to decide which logo is most appropriate for your work. The logo may be used to link to any of the Dare to Write? Portals.


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