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Twenty-Twenty Retrospective

dtwadmWriters at Home and in Isolation

Twenty-Twenty Retrospective After Edna St. Vincent Millay I will permit my memory to recall something like the sounds of us in quiet, the slow claps that break the silent evening where before dog-fights and children had played. I might demand that others recall the ways in which our voices formed an outcry, how in the lost spring restlessness festered and [read more…]

Who Will Speak For Battir?

dtwadmWriters at Home and in Isolation

When the pandemic took hold, my overwhelming feeling was fear; then came lockdown, bringing calm and control, but also increasingly, a sense of entrapment. I escaped by letting my mind wander to my travels. Most often, my meandering thoughts cast me back to a Palestinian village in the West Bank, which I visited in the spring of 2017. Suddenly, I [read more…]

Speaking French

dtwadmWriters at Home and in Isolation

I try to be gentle with myself. I peel fruit slowly and place it on blue and white china just to see the colours contrast. I will myself to take small bites of little things. I tell myself I will eat like a French girl; read books by French women, learn French.        I have the chance to [read more…]

11,891 Minutes

dtwadmWriters Helping Writers

11,891 minutes. According to Microsoft Word, that’s how long I have been working on the first draft of my novel. Although, I don’t know whether that includes the minutes I have spent with my Word document open, wistfully staring out of the window at the spring-time sky, or sitting with my head in my hands, my brain thumping against my [read more…]

The Lockdown within Lockdown

dtwadmStories About Change

Lockdown has been hard for everyone. But Jessica, 6 years old, carries a particularly heavy load. Her father, Alex, has motor neurone disease (MND). During lockdown, all day, every day, Jessica has been loving him. Sitting with him. Laughing and crying with him. Scratching his chin. Massaging his head with argan oil.        She knows how to be [read more…]

Tipi Field Lockdown Story

dtwadmStories, Books, and Words

Tipi Field Lockdown Story   Read by Sarah Mooney. Guitar by Stevie P. Biography Sarah’s trade is oral storytelling and she has been at it for twenty years. As storyteller in residence for the Roald Dahl Foundation she lived in the garden at Gypsy House, making up stories and re-telling them in schools and theatres. Sarah has also been a [read more…]

The Thick Of The Night

dtwadmWriters at Home and in Isolation

The rustling of the duvet wakes me. Sleep greasy on my skin. I can’t have been asleep long. A groan and nudge in the ribs announces; it’s time. The lid pops, echoing in the calm of the early hours. The drip drip drip against the plastic bottle, drumbeats of piss pounding through the thick of the night. The smell of [read more…]

Three Poems

dtwadmStories About Change

Congo i have never had a seat at the table heard him saying i would like to express my deepest regrets for these injuries of the past the pain of which is now given new life by the discriminations still too present in our societies. congo. captured in 1885 part of the claim game unprecedented brutality shamed later into passing [read more…]

The Anthropause

dtwadmStories About Change

A man can stand anything except a succession of ordinary days. – Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe What are we going to do now? I was in lockdown before lockdown was a thing. A year ago, I stood up from my desk, said ‘I might see you tomorrow,’ and left. I never went back. Instead, I went to a doctor who [read more…]

How do I detach these kids from me long enough to write something?

dtwadmWriters Helping Writers

This is a question I asked myself when lockdown began, and something I’d been asking myself for some time, being honest. As soon as lockdown set in, childcare became a never-ending cycle of thinking up amazing activities, preparing meals, constant washing and cleaning, a million cups of tea, and amidst all that, attempting to do some work and actually write [read more…]