Research & Findings
The Dare to Write? Atlas originated from a creative research project, and is the product of the creative writing incubator Paper Nations, led by Professor Bambo Soyinka.

Book fairThe first phase of research took place over three years as part of the Paper Nations Creative Writing in Schools programme. A key finding from this phase was that when clusters of people and organisations collaborate at different levels, and through multiple partnerships, the whole town can sustain a culture of support for writing.

To further develop their understanding of how ‘Writing Destinations’ work together, Paper Nations began collaborating with several localities across the South West and eventually identified three areas to focus on - Bath, Frome, and Corsham.

In their new programme, Writing for All, Paper Nations will continue to document and develop Writing Destinations across the South West.

Contact Professor Soyinka to talk about establishing, documenting or mapping the writing community in your area. Or, you can read about Paper Nations’ ongoing research in this booklet.