The Dare to Write? Academy aims to help writers, researchers and educators to develop habits for writing that last a lifetime.

We provide programmes, workshops, and events to suit every writer, from those starting out on their writing journey to researchers and educators who want to understand and improve their writing habits. You may want to develop your writing and find others to write with, or could be looking to inspire others to write by running your own writing group or network.

We’re also here to support researchers as writers, both within and outside university life. So if you’re a hobby or community researcher - for example you could be interested in researching and writing about local history or gathering people’s stories about life in your cricket club - our programmes can help you transform your writing and find a platform for your work. If you’re an academic researcher, our activities will help you to develop your writing habits and improve your writing confidence by working on the writing itself, creating time for writing and connecting you with other researcher-writers.

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We use the perspectives developed in The Writer’s Cycle to help writers identify what kind of writer they are and where they are in their writing journey. We talk about Emerging Writers, Continuing Writers, Writer-facilitators, and Researchers as Writers.

As we develop the Dare to Write? Academy’s programme, we will add more pages to this section. These will help you identify what kind of writer you are so that you can find the programme, workshop, or event that’s right for you.