The Dare to Write? Academy provides a range of resources, case studies, and curricula. These are designed to help writer-facilitators and educators access high-quality materials to develop their own writing practice and provide creative writing opportunities for others. If you’re a writer-facilitator or educator these resources are for you.

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The key resource is The Writer’s Cycle, which includes supporting materials and case studies. You can use these to develop courses and writing projects in your community and learning settings. We provide these under Creative Commons principles. This means that we are making resources available for your use and adaptation, and we would ask you, in exchange, to share with us your experiences of using and developing them.

As we expand the Academy website, we will add case studies authored by writers and writer-facilitators who have developed their own programmes in line with The Writer’s Cycle or its principles. These will help you understand how other writers have created resources and developed successful writing programmes, which will be useful for your own writer development projects.

Please check these pages for updates as we will be adding resources regularly.