Dare to Write? encourages the freedom to imagine and create. With notebook in hand, everyone can begin a writing journey of free expression, exploration and personal creation.

Creative writing should be exploratory and supported to flourish.

  • Exploratory: Creative writing emerges from free expression and exploration of ideas. Learning about writing should be done in a fluid way, which reflects the needs and interests of the individual.
  • Supported to Flourish: Individuals, groups, and organisations should collaborate at the local level to create communities where writing can flourish. Barriers and unequal access to provision should be identified and removed so as to make writing accessible to all.

To support this ethos, Dare to Write? is packed with resources for the individual and for their local communities of support. There are eight habit-building activities at the core of Dare to Write? You can repeat the activities on different projects and adjust them to suit your needs. Create your own journey and tap into support as and when you need it.

Girl in wheelchair
Elderly reader
Person writing on table with paper, pens and pencils