About Dare to Write?

Dare to Write? is a sourcebook of practical and inspirational resources for writers - available online, in print and in person. The sourcebook is packed with resources for individuals, as well as live events and opportunities to unite in a celebration of writing.

Dare to Write? was created by Bambo Soyinka, Professor of Story at Bath Spa University, with input from the research team at Paper Nations. The ideas and resources represented in Dare to Write? emerge from her extensive research with authors and educators about what inspires and supports writing to flourish.

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How to use Dare to Write?
  • Use the eight prompts at home, at your desk or when you go out.
  • Download certificates, stickers, activities and more.
  • Explore the prompts and resources on your own or as part of a group.
  • Generate dares and ideas.
  • Use the prompts as inspiration for longer activities and workshops.
  • Use the Atlas to find about writing events, people and spaces in your area.
  • Join the Dare to Write? Academy and learn how to share your love of writing.
  • Learn more about inspirational writers (past and present) in your area.
  • Create your own flight paths to plan an extended writing journey or project.
  • Meet other people with similar interests as you and help writing to flourish.