Welcome to Dare to Write?, a sourcebook designed to encourage young people to explore their creativity and imagination. With notebook in hand, children can begin a writing journey of free expression, exploration and personal creation.

Created by Professor Bambo Soyinka of Bath Spa University, in collaboration with hundreds of authors, Dare to Write? is an invitation to explore writing. At the core of Dare to Write? are eight activities to help writers discover, enjoy and continue their writing journey. The activities can be done at their own pace and in their own way, over an hour, a day, a week or a lifetime.

The experience is supported through daretowrite.org, an interactive sourcebook and platform that provides inspiration to explore writing and taps into like-minded communities of support.

Beyond daretowrite.org there are many ways to explore and experiment with the Dare to Write? Ethos. To help you take things further, Professor Bambo Soyinka has teamed up with authors, educators, festivals, libraries and venues to bring Dare to Write? inspired events and workshops to your home, community or school.

Supported by:

Arts Council England
Bath Spa University
Bath Festivals